“If someone comes to you and asks your help, you shall not turn him off with pious words, saying, “Have faith and take your troubles to God!” You shall act as if there were no God, as if there were only one person in all the world who could help this man–only yourself.”

Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sassov (via shiraglassman)

You don’t expect to hear a rabbi say “act as if there were no God” and mean not “do whatever you feel like doing” but “recognize that the ultimate responsibility for doing good in the world lies with you.”  I kind of love this.

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This isn’t that unexpected tbh

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Since I really don’t draw enough of this sweet fucker, I’m rELUCTANTLY lifting the ban off of requests and actually encouraging them, send me all your Sam Wilson desires and headcanons



Hahaha I feel like it’d be better if these were all organized together. I should probably delete that older post.

Emergency services AU is my weakness.

Bonus Police officer Nat she kinda looks like femshep tho whoops!

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It’s not friendship, it’s bromance. It’s not eyeliner, it’s guyliner. It’s not yoga, it’s broga. It’s not just silly portmanteaus, it’s evidence of the hilarious fragility of masculinity.

This is true. #RealTalk

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"there’s no time for a black widow movie"

"there isn’t an audience for a female lead superhero movie"


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How cute is this Lil Hawkeye??
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Let’s remember, Jesus was a Jewish man of color, born homeless to an unwed teenager, who spent his formative years as an illegal immigrant before returning to his home country to hang out with twelve men, prostitutes, and socially untouchable tax collectors while he taught a radical social doctrine of equality, love, and forgiveness that included paying taxes, free healthcare, and the sharing of resources within a community.

Canon Jesus

Jesus called somebody an ass once because they where being rude to a crippled little old lady if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit then get out of my face.

Pretty sure that Jesus was also the first person to say, “don’t be a dick.”

born homeless, yes, but mary and joseph were married.



On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion - A great essay about making notes that gets to the very core of the writing process

Write Like a Motherfucker by Cheryl Strayed - Raw, emotional advice on the role of humility and surrender in the often tortured world of the writer

Thoughts on Writing by Elizabeth Gilbert  - On disicpline, hard work, rejection and why it’s never too late to start

Write Till You Drop by Annie Dillard - “Do you think I could be a writer?” “I don’t know… . Do you like sentences?”

Why I Write by George Orwell - On egoism, a love of beauty, the quest for truth and the desire to change the world — Orwell’s ‘four great motive for writing’.

Despite Tough Guys, Life Is Not the Only School for Real Novelists by Kurt Vonnegut - A beautifully argued defence of the role of teaching in developing writers.

That Crafty Feeling by Zadie Smith - A lecture by a great essayist and novelist on the craft of writing.

A Place You All Know Well by Michael Chabon - On the central role of exporation in writing.

The Nature of Fun by David Foster Wallace (excerpt) - DFW on what drives writers to write

Uncanny the Singing That Comes from Certain Husks by Joy Williams - “Who cares if the writer is not whole? Of course the writer is not whole, or even particularly well…”

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Do we have a name for the trope where…


…the heroine “incidentally” is blonde-haired and blue-eyed and pale-skinned (whitest of the white) while a female antagonist or villain “just happens” to have dark hair (sometimes curly), dark eyes, and other features stereotypically affiliated with Jewish women, Roma women, Latinas, and other non-white (or conditionally white) women?

i don’t know what I’d call that besides racism

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The Guardians of the Galaxy - Created by Wisesnail | Tumblr

Prints available for sale at Society6.

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I don’t care what someone else tries to tell you, your retweeting and reblogging matters. You’ve made a difference in Ferguson, in New York, in LA, and around the world by keeping these stories boosted and present. Don’t stop, ever. #staywoke #farfromover


I don’t care what someone else tries to tell you, your retweeting and reblogging matters. You’ve made a difference in Ferguson, in New York, in LA, and around the world by keeping these stories boosted and present. Don’t stop, ever. #staywoke #farfromover

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The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

me as fuck

I would say I was surprised that taco is the favorite food of Kentucky but we really do have a lot of Mexican restaurants.


I was about to say “wait, wtf, Pennsylvanians don’t eat grits”, and then I remembered Pennsylbama in the middle there, and revised my statement.

I was convinced this was a parody (because, I mean, come on, durian? In Maine?!), but if it is, the source has put an awful lot of effort into making it look legit, so. Durian, wow.

the fuck, Arkansas. “entree”? So - main dish, that’s the favorite food? WTF!!!


Historian and Feminist Scholar Gerda Lerner

women fucking starved themselves, y’all - they were arrested and beaten by jailers

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Anonymous asked:

Boiled ground beef?



A couple of other people asked about this too :D 

I used to cook crumbled ground beef — for sloppy joe or to mix into pasta sauce or whatnot — the same way I think most people do: heat in a frying pan, stirring and turning with a spatula, then drain off the fat and scoop out the beef. But someone mentioned to me that you can get the same effect with boiling, which gets rid of more of the fat (the water floats it away, in theory).

I wasn’t so interested in like, eking that LAST LITTLE SPOONFUL of fat out, especially since I buy pretty lean beef anyway, but I am always interested in new cooking techniques, so I gave it a try. I got a pound of ground beef, broke it up into bits while the water boiled, scooped it all into the water, and then stirred it.


The beef cooks in like five minutes, and you’re stirring rather than turning and chopping, which is a bit easier on the arm. You can also cook a lot more at once — my frying pan doesn’t handle two pounds of beef super well, and it would have taken a long time to cook, but my normal-sized saucepan half-full of water handles it more or less fine and very quickly. 

Then, once the beef is cooked, you just dump the pot into a colander, stir the beef around a bit to get the last of the water out, and you’re done. So I’ve been doing that instead of pan-frying for about six months, I think. I haven’t noticed a change in flavor, though admittedly mostly my beef goes into sauces, but there’s no texture change either. 

Anyway, I’ve experimented with using boiling broths of various kinds instead of just water, and plopping a big spoonful of yellow miso into the water while it heats and stirring that around gives the beef some nice mild seasoning. 


And my love affair with Mr. Rogers goes on